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FLAT Wi-Fi "Mobile Hotspot" Rental Service [Introduction of article]

Introduction of article.

It's good news. I heard from some people, when foreigners comes to travel to Japan for the first time, they seems convinced that there is a Free spot in the same way as their countries.

FLAT Wi-Fi “Mobile Hotspot” Rental Service
Best price in Japan & Unlimited Data!!


We started to provide Mobile Hotspot rental service for foreigners who visit to Japan. With a Mobile Hotspot(Wi-Fi router), you can post and send information on Facebook and Twitter from anywhere during your trip in Japan even while on the move. Connection is available not only for your smartphone but for multiple devices, allowing you to share fees with your partner or group.

Complaint by foreign visitors and tourists in Japan is “Mobile Internet connection”

There are free public wireless LAN in major airports (Chubu, Kansai International Airport, Haneda and Narita), few public facilities (as in Urayasu and Fukuoka), as well as some shopping districts (like Sakae in Nagoya and Namba Shopping district of Osaka). However, they are still very limited throughout Japan.Free LAN public wireless services are provided in some convenience stores, such as Seven-Eleven and Lawson, but registration can only be made in Japanese and is not easy to use for foreigners visiting Japan.(Nihon Keizai Shimbun article of June 14, 2012)

“FLAT Wi-Fi” provides unlimited network environment anytime, anywhere during your trip in Japan!
Please visit our website for more information on our product:
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